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Stream is up at 128 kbps with a max of 10 listeners per stream - Content Type: audio/mp3

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Dub Lubin Radio : Spicy soul sounds for your ears by Dub Lubin
With the humble participation of a few friends and artist's like:
MoShI-AsheR AKA Shu-BaAng
Jeremiah for Jeremiah Recording Collection
Edmond Scali my French Parisian friend and pop hit maker from Scalimusic
Audio Engineering by Martin Dubreuil for absolutsound.com

Dub Lubin Radio - Zen Mantra by Dub Lubin
Recorded at the Tibetan Boudhism Temple of Montreal in 2003

Radio Yoga Sangha by Dub Lubin 192 kbps Stream
Recorded live at the Yoga Sangha school of Montreal in 2008

Live music:
Dub Lubin Radio : Jazzy Soul Jam's at Dylans by absolutsound.com

Recorded Live at Dylan's place by Martin Dubreuil on the 3rd of January 2009 ans ever since once in a while...
Guitar Solo / Lead Robert Varcony
Keyboards Dave Lions
Bass Jason James
Drum Mike Weinberg
Guitar Rhythm / Lead Dylan Silverstein
Vocals Robert Varcony, Jason James, Dylan Sylverstein
Jembe & Congas Martin Dubreuil


!! Local artists send us your CD or upload your MP3 and get broadcasted on Dub Lubin Radio !!

1 - Contact us by email explaining your music style and a bit of your band/artist bio. Don't forget to include your full contact information !
=> We will reply to you with our audio content release form in order for you to authorize us to broadcast your music free.
=> We will review the content received and based on artistic criteras and lyrics content, decide who gets aired on which radio.

2- Send your audio or data CD to:
=> If you send us a data CD, make sure you use the higher possible bitrate ratio (min192kbps and above)
=> And that you have tagged all you MP3 files with your appropriate track names and informations.

=> If you send us an Audio CD make sure you have registered it thru the CDDB database before.

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Montreal, Quebec, H3C 1A4 Canada
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