Nouveautés 2009

CuiBono EDL Convert est maintenant disponible !!!
Il permet l'import - export de tout types de projets EDL / OMF vers notre station de travail audio numérique SSL SS32


Icon Format Name Ext. Description

Pro Tools 5.1-7.x


Digidesign's session format for Pro Tools 5.1 and later. EDL Convert reads all formats from 5.1-7.x and exports sessions in 7.x format.

Steinberg XML


XML format that can be used with Nuendo 3.x and later and Cubase SX3 and later.

Apple XML


XML format that is used with Final Cut Pro 4 and 5.x, Logic 8 and Soundtrack Pro 2.



Text format. Used in Sequoia™ & Samplitude™



Text format. Used in Vegas Audio™ & Vegas Video™

Vegas Scripting


XML format used with Vegas Video 5 and later.

Adobe Audition


Binary file format. Originally based on Cool Edit Pro 2.



Binary file format. Used by Syntrillium's Cool Edit Pro and Cool Edit 2000 (with Studio Module). Enhanced version used in Cool Edit Pro 2.



Binary file format. Used within the range of IQSoft's SAW™ Series.



Binary file format. Used with SAWstudio.



Binary file format. Used exclusively by Steinberg's Wavelab™.



Binary file format. Created by Old School to provide an exchange format for Sadie3™.



Binary file format. Created by Old School to provide an exchange format for Sadie4™.

Sonic EDL


Format used in Sonic Studio™.

Discreet EDL


Export format created by Discreet's edit.



Text based format. Developed for the AES organization.



Invented by Timeline with the release of the Tascam MX2424™ harddisk recorder.



Complex format developed by Avid corporation to allow easier file interchange including platform crossing.



The mother of all EDL formats. Text format. Supported by EDL Convert on the import side.



Similar to the CMX3600 format. Text based. Supported on import.



Used with DAR's OMR8 recorder. Supported only for import.

Tascam BU


Container format invented for Tascam's MX2424.

SSL Soundscape


Arrange file format; Audio Project Format used by Solid State Logic's Soundscape™ Editor v4.x or later

Pro Tools 5.0


Digidesign's session format for Pro Tools 5.0. Can be used with any Pro Tools version later than 5.0.